Criterium-Cromer’s Mission and Vision

Criterium-Cromer Engineers’ mission and vision outline our commitment to engineering excellence and how we help our clients meet their goals.

Our vision statement is: “Building expertise to create a better world.”

The narrative that accompanies this Vision is:

  • Criterium-Cromer Engineers empowers people: Clients to make informed decisions, Affiliates to reach their goals, and Colleagues to achieve their potential.
  • We deliver engineering excellence, insights and experience, assisting clients with solving even their most challenging building-related issues.
  • We succeed through collaboration across our network and our commitment to continuous improvement in our professional knowledge and performance.
  • We engage the community and our profession through active industry involvement and thought leadership.
  • We strive for the highest level of service and quality.

Criterium-Cromer Engineers’ Mission statement is: “Enhancing lives through an improved understanding of buildings.”