Building Envelope Services

Like the skin that wraps a human body, the envelope or enclosure that wraps a building is essential to its health.  A flawed envelope puts the building and all of its key components at risk. Criterium-Cromer Engineers are building envelope and building enclosure specialists.  We provide both building envelope commissioning and building envelope consulting services throughout Greater Miami.


Criterium-Cromer Engineers’ expert staff is uniquely qualified to consult on a wide variety of building envelope projects.  The Licensed Professional Engineers and engineering field technicians in the Criterium network are highly educated, extensively trained, and deeply experienced. The professional certifications they have acquired – as building envelope specialists, roofing and exterior cladding inspectors, and waterproofing experts, among others ─ reflect our commitment to lifelong, continuing education. Their years of field experience provide the real-world knowledge of construction practices and principles that is applied to every building envelope project we undertake.

Education, experience, and expertise set Criterium-Cromer Engineers apart from its competitors.  Our approach to envelope consulting is also unique in many ways:

  • Criterium-Cromer Engineers develops project-specific solutions for every project. The inspection criteria we develop are based on the design details and performance requirements for that individual project. We don’t use the same checklist for every assignment, so we never try to fit the round pegs from one project into the square holes of another. We use the lessons learned from previous projects to help us improve our approach to each client, region, and/or project.
  • We listen carefully to our clients to make sure we understand their specific needs and the unique goals and objectives they want to achieve. We collaborate closely with them to meet the performance standards and benchmarks they establish and to achieve their project-specific and/or organizational goals for Risk Management.
  • We consult on the design as well as the construction. Some companies focus on project design or field observations only; Criterium-Cromer Engineers can do either, but we prefer to do both to add as much value to the process as possible.  Early involvement in the design process allows us to suggest improvements, identify potential problems and suggest practical, cost-effective solutions before construction begins, reducing time-consuming Requests for Information (RFI’s) and costly change orders.
  • Criterium-Cromer Engineers can consult on all aspects of the building envelope and enclosure, including, among others:
    • Below and at-grade waterproofing
    • Roofs, decks, and balconies
    • Curtain wall
    • Glazed assemblies
    • Brick and stone veneer
    • Metal panels
    • Rainscreens
    • Sealants
    • Transitions and penetrations
    • Podium decks and green roofing components
    • and more…
  • We use a unique written and photography-based reporting system that documents both conforming and non-conforming field construction activities. Sequential photos track nonconforming issues and the corrective measures applied to them to the point at which they are corrected.  The report and accompanying photographs create a historical record, documenting quality construction practices and providing evidence that construction problems identified in the field have been corrected prior to being concealed.

Criterium-Cromer Engineers combines a passion for buildings and unparalleled knowledge of building technology with decades of professional experience together with a deep commitment to providing the highest quality service to our valued clients.

Call 305-250-2936 or Contact us to learn more about how Criterium-Cromer Engineers’ experienced building envelope consultants can provide the professional insights and effective oversight for your envelope project needs.