Structural Inspections, Diagnosis & Repair

Houses, like people, sometimes exhibit puzzling or worrying symptoms. Cracks in ceilings, fissures around foundations, discoloration in walls, bowing or sagging in the walls or roof, creaking in the floors, and odd sounds when the wind is blowing – or when it isn’t.  A Criterium-Cromer Engineers structural inspection can diagnose these symptoms for you and recommend “cures” if they are needed.

Are those cracks the result of normal aging or evidence of more serious structural problems – defects in the framing or foundation, for example – that you need to address?  Do you have to replace a leaking roof or will a repair take care of the problem?   Do you think the contractor who built your home goofed – badly?  Criterium-Cromer’s experienced professional engineers can answer those questions accurately and honestly.

The contractor who built your home has an interest in dismissing any problems or downplaying them. The contractor who inspects your roof also has an interest in replacing it.  Criterium-Cromer Engineers is a consultant, not a contractor, and is an independent third party.  Our only interest is in providing the information and advice that will enable our clients to make sound decisions about what their homes need or don’t need.  Criterium-Cromer’s licensed professional engineers are building experts.  They are highly trained, experienced, and knowledgeable. Their inspections will be comprehensive, objective, and responsive.

We think responsiveness is key.  At Criterium-Cromer Engineers, we don’t start by telling you what we know; we start by listening to your concerns.  We want you to show us the cracks you see, describe the sounds you hear, and explain what doesn’t look or feel right to you.  We will examine the problems first through your eyes and ears and then through ours.  If the problems are insignificant, we will reassure you; if they require attention, we will design the solutions you need. Criterium-Cromer Engineers’ cost-effective recommendations will reflect both technical expertise and a practical awareness of our client’s needs – a rare combination you won’t often find in engineering companies.

If your home has been damaged by fire, wind, or water, Criterium-Cromer Engineers will provide a comprehensive, detailed damage and repair assessment you can use to document your insurance claim.  Criterium-Cromer’s reputation for technical competence and professionalism is well-established; our insurance reports, as a result, are widely viewed as both credible and reliable.

Our knowledge of buildings, our inspection experience, and our technical expertise are unmatched.  So are our dedication and commitment to our clients.  If you have structural questions about your home or need an evaluation of known damage, contact us. Criterium-Cromer Engineers can provide the analysis, recommendations, and advice you need to understand structural problems and resolve them.